I showed this diorama at the recent Vancouver IPMS show and it won three awards: Best Diorama; Best Naval; Best Royal Canadian Navy Subject. I built it as a father & son activity. My son was doing his own diorama on Canadian history - Dieppe. I built mine along side his, and chose Juno Beach. I named it after the Canadian propaganda poster slogans. This model was interesting for me for so many reasons. I normally scratch-build sailing ships from the age of sail in wood. This diorama was constructed from all resin kits and I have little experience at all with armour models of any kind! All quite alien and many of the parts and their placement were not intuitive for me. I also think this was the most expensive model I have ever built -- I like to make my sailing ships out of scrap wood and to outlay cash was a bit painful!

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Kerry Jang
Vancouver, Canada