Are you dissatisfied with the 20mm Oerlikon AA guns provided in your USN warship kit? Maybe its the gun, maybe the pedestals are not symmetrical, maybe you need an open tripod mount instead of a solid pedestal. Lion Roar brass detail set LE350014 may be just the product for you. It is devoted to the single gun 20mm USN Oerlikon cannon and contains both solid turned brass parts as well as a photo-etch fret. The set provides parts for 40 guns. For solid pedestal fans, Lion Roar provides twenty turned brass pedestals. Now there is no need to sand seam lines or worry about asymmetrical resin pedestals.

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There are forty relief-etched guns found in the kit, twenty of which can be mounted on the turned brass pedestals. For the other twenty, Lion Roar provides twenty open tripod mounts with relief-etched base plate. Topping off the set are 44 relief-etched gun shields. As you can see from the photographs, the guns are of double thickness.

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