Warships of the Deutsche Kriegsmarine, in common with the ships of other nations, had a significant number of cable and hose reels as fittings on the deck or on the side of bulkheads. Although cable reels are found in some resin and brass 1:700 kits, they are very rarely found as detail in plastic kits. If they are present as part of the deck detail, they are more likely to resemble amorphous blobs. Lion Roar has released a brass photo-etch set that will supply you with detailed cable and hose reels for your 1:700 scale German warship kits, regardless if they are in plastic or resin.

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Lion Roar photo-etch set LE-700008 is devoted just to cable reels of the Kriegsmarine. The brass fret contains reels in three different sizes. There are sixteen large reels, eighteen medium size reels and thirty-six small reels. Although the medium and small reels appear to share the same basic design, the large reels are completely different in design. All seventy reels in the fret are relief-etched with the reel frame overlapping the reel ends. Each has a base plate and the ends of the part fold upward for the reel and frame. Plastic rod is cut and placed in the middle for the reel.