Lion Roar has produced another photo-etched set, which should be of great interest to modelers of Japanese aircraft carriers. This set, #LE-700019, contain flight deck edge safety netting for 1:700 scale models of Imperial Japanese Navy carriers. There are basically three types of parts. Two types of parts deal with the netting found at the stern round-down. You get six runs of netting, which should be cut to match the lengths of the deck angles for angular style round-downs and you also get 23 support brackets, which connects the netting to the stern. The other type of netting is for the side. With this style Lion Roar provides six long and one short run of netting. However, these nets already come with deployment arms, which connect each net to the ship. This set is in stainless steel.

CVnet7010pack.JPG (46562 bytes) CVnet7011label.JPG (109012 bytes) CVnet7012fret.JPG (148234 bytes)
CVnet7014det.JPG (106807 bytes) CVnet7015net.JPG (118214 bytes) CVnet7017net.JPG (114708 bytes) CVnet7020bar.JPG (109212 bytes)
CVnet7019bar.JPG (113528 bytes) CVnet7022bar.JPG (151671 bytes) CVnet7016bar.JPG (112586 bytes) CVnet7018bar.JPG (106075 bytes)
CVnet7023bar.JPG (91660 bytes) CVnet7024instA.JPG (51111 bytes) CVnet7027instB.JPG (100702 bytes) CVnet7028instC.JPG (72635 bytes)