The smallest effective weapon was the 2cm C30 developed by Rheinmetall. The weapon was developed from an earlier design, the Solothurn ST-5. The weapon did not swing freely like the 20mm Oerlikon cannon used by the allies but instead was transversed and elevated by handwheel. The weapon originally appeared as a single or twin mount. In 1939 German destroyers and cruisers mounted a number of these weapons and these gave them a significantly better AA fit than other navies at the time. These 65-calibre weapons were fully automatic. This weapon had a fairly slow rate of fire of 280 rounds cyclical rate and 120 rounds per minute practical rate of fire. The slow rate was due in part to an unsatisfactory breech mechanism that was prone to jamming. The C30 20mm were supplanted during the war with the C38 improved 20mm gun. The redesign of the 20mm was given to Mauserwerke. The breech mechanism was changed and the rate of fire increased to 480-420 rounds per minute design but only 220-180 rounds per minute actual. Production started in 1940 however, the C38 gun was outwardly indistinguishable from the earlier C30 guns.

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Lion Roar has produced a stainless steel photo-etch set in 1:700 scale, which provides 52 of the C30 20mm German light AA guns, set LE-700012. Since the C38 version looked the same as the earlier C30, these photo-etch parts could be used for the C38 guns as well. Lion Roar has designed the guns so that extra width is provided to the breech block and pedestal by providing an extra layer for the thicker parts of the gun. The base plates are also part of each one-piece gun and fold outwards from the base of the pedestal. Lion Roar also throws in an assortment of other DKM fittings on this fret. These parts include four leadsman platforms, four three-bladed aircraft propellers, two two-bladed aircraft propellers, four deck-hatch frames and 11three-piece square life rafts. Designed to be stacked in threes, each life raft is assembled in three layers. The bottom one will have the net bottom, then a plain middle layer and finally the top layer has relief-etched tie-downs. Lion Roar set LE-700012, as well as the full line of Lion Roar products is stocked by Georgetown Hobbies.