Most cruisers and destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy were fitted with external degaussing cables during World War Two. A low electrical current was sent through the cable to lower the magnetic signature of the warship. This would reduce the chance of activating a magnetic mine or torpedo. Lion Roar has produced their second set of 1:700 scale brass photo-etch IJN degaussing cables. The first set was LE 700016 (Click for review) and the new Lion Roar fret is set LE 700046. My eyesight may be poor but it appears to me than the design of the cable in both frets is substantially identical. However, there are clearly more parts packed into the new fret. The spacing between the runs of straight cable is less thick with 12 runs on the older fret and 16 on the new one. Likewise, Lion Roar now provides more angled parts with LE 700046 than found on the earlier fret.

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