You have your 1:700 scale Akagi or Kaga all decked out in the latest photo-etch finery and now you are lining up your air wing on the deck. How do your Zekes, Vals and Kates appear? Is their appearance up to that of the carrier? Do they still have their plastic pegs as landing gear? Is their any ordnance under the fuselage or wings? More than likely they are flying off bare. Now you can solve this problem with a new brass photo-etch fret from Lion Roar.

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AC835val.JPG (21298 bytes) AC832zeke.JPG (18301 bytes) AC837kate.JPG (15860 bytes)

With Lion Roar brass photo-etch fret LE700024 you receive brass parts for detailing the actual aircraft. These parts include aircraft fittings and ordnance. The fittings are broken down into the three major types of aircraft shipped aboard Japanese aircraft carriers at the start of World War Two. The aircraft do share two features, the tail wheel and propeller. Lion Roar includes 36 propellers and 40 tail wheels to be shared among the air wing. However, the balance of the fitting parts, which are landing gear, are specifically designed for particular types of aircraft. The fixed landing gear for the Val with their streamlined wheel spats are most unique. You receive twelve sets of Val gear. For the Zeke/Zero another twelve sets are provided and a further twelve for the Kate.

AC838prop.JPG (23246 bytes) AC842tank.JPG (14986 bytes) AC840torp.JPG (22665 bytes)
AC839bomb.JPG (19488 bytes) AC841bomb.JPG (19118 bytes) AC833tail.JPG (18795 bytes) AC834q.JPG (16872 bytes)

However, the detail parts donít stop with the aircraft fittings. Lion Roar gives you a full load out of ordnance to be carried by your aircraft. Each bomb, torpedo or fuel tank is double thickness brass, folded together for additional width. For the Zero you will receive twelve belly tanks. The Val dive bombers get twelve 250KG bombs. With the Kate you have an option. Although designed as a torpedo bomber, the Kate was also used as a horizontal or level bomber. Lion Roar provides not only twelve torpedoes but also twelve large 800KG bombs. You can mix and match your Kates to the ordnance load desired.

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With Lion Roar brass photo-etch set LE700024, you can add the detail of the fittings and ordnance to your 1:700 scale Japanese Navy carrier wings. The set is very beneficial to any IJN carrier modeler.