When the Imperial Japanese Navy started unveiling their newest ship designs in the late 1920s, western analysts were amazed at the fighting qualities packed into the designs. How could the IJN pack such qualities into a design, when the RN and USN could not come close in matching those qualities in their designs. Of course, as we now know, the actual displacements of those designs were heavier than advertised. At first this was probably do more to miscalculations, rather than direct purpose, but later it was done intentionally. Another reason that tied into miscalculation, was the policy of packing as much armament into each design as possible. There was almost no safety margin put into their designs. Following a loss of a torpedo boat in a Typhoon in the early 1930s, it was discovered that design miscalculations had produced ships that were unstable in rough weather. In refits  top weight was reduced to increase stability. In another arena the initial design decisions minimized the ability of designers to add new weapons systems as technology evolved. One area which evolved tremendously was in the design of anti-aircraft weapons. When it came to medium range weapons the RN developed a lead with their short barreled 40mm Pom-Poms in the early 1930s but by World War Two they had lost their edge. It was the Swedish Bofors 40mm design which was the best medium range AA gun of the war. The IJN never developed an equivalent weapon. Throughout World War Two it was the 25mm gun, which provided short to medium range coverage. This at best was an equivalent to the Oerlikon 20mm gun and did not come close to the abilities of the Bofors guns. As the war progressed more and more 25mm guns were piled on Japanese warships in single, twin and triple mounts. However, because of  the lack of a safety margin, superstructure would be reduced or other weapon systems removed to reduce top weight for additional AA mounts. Twin and then triple 25mm gun mounts were developed and were fitted from mid-war to the end. 

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Lion Roar set LE700042 is a IJN 25mm AA Guns, Set II. This set provides multiple gun mounts of the IJN 25mm AA gun. There are three different gun designs provided on this fret. Each design has 14 mounts included on the fret. First of all, there are fourteen triple 25mm gun mounts. Each of these mounts is composed of four parts, the mount, twin guns, a center gun and a combination base plate/ gun shield. There are another fourteen twin gun mounts. Each of these mounts are composed of three parts with a separate optional part. These are the twin guns, mount and combination base plate/gun shield. As an option base plates are provided without gun shields to depict those guns without shields. The third gun design on this fret is not a 25mm gun design but is a twin 13mm machine gun mount. There are fourteen of these guns and each has four pieces. These are base plate, two guns, and gun mount. 

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If you are looking for finely detailed twin and triple IJN AA gun mounts for late war IJN warship fits, Lion Roar set LE700042 provides fourteen of each of those gun designs. Additionally, Lion Roar provides another fourteen 13mm twin MG mounts for those who prefer lighter weaponry.