With this new product from Lion Roar in 1:700 Scale, the modeler can add superb detail to the boat handling gear of most Imperial Japanese Navy warships. The fret consists solely of boat davits and associated fittings. These overlooked fittings are normally an afterthought in model ship construction. With almost all models they consist of only the davit, stuck in a locator hull on the deck. However, in reality, there many different designs and often they were mounted on brackets, outboard of the hull. With Lion Roar brass photo-etched set LE700027, all scale IJN Admirals can include incredible detail to these essential fittings. 

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The set consists of five different types of relief-etched fittings with eight davits per pattern. Each davit folds onto itself to provide double width davits, which add a third dimension to the davit. However, the set goes far beyond just these excellent davits. Also included are three different types of boat tackle, two of which have boarding ladders. For boats stored above deck edge, the boarding gear consists of ropes trailing into the boat from a center line rig above. You receive four of this type. The other two types have rope ladders; four with short ladders and four with long ladders. Lion Roar also supplies forty external brackets to be mounted on the side of the hull to which the davits are fitted. For storage inboard, two different types of boat chocks are included. There are 18 of one type and 6 of the second type. Also to detail the boats, there are 10 rudders/tillers and 20 boat oars. 

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