If you looked at the list of aircraft carriers covered by Lion Roar Japanese Aircraft Carrier Masts Set I LE700057 (click for review of LE700057), you will have noticed that five of the six front line carriers in the Pearl Harbor strike force were present. Conspicuous by her absence was the Kaga. The Kaga mounted masts of a different pattern, which is found in the Lion Roar Japanese Aircraft Carrier Masts Set II, LE700058. The lattice structure is taller in this design. In addition to Kaga, this pattern was found on Junyo, Ryujo, Hiyo and Taiho. The masts were raised in normal steaming but lowered to the horizontal for flight operations. When extended horizontally the turning gear appears above the deck of the platform. As with set LE700057 there are parts for twelve masts in set II as well.

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