If you have built any of the new Essex class aircraft carriers from Dragon or Trumpeter, you will probably have remarked upon the series of antenna towers that run along the starboard side of the flight deck. Well, the USN is not the only Pacific power that featured these tall large structures, the Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carriers featured even more imposing structures than those found on the Essex class. To the further delight of the modeler, different Japanese carriers had masts of different designs. With photo-etch set LE700057 Lion Roar provides 1:700 scale reproductions of the mast/towers found on five of the Pearl Harbor strike force carriers, plus three of the light IJN carriers. This pattern was mounted on Akagi, Hiryu, Soryu, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Ryuho, Zuiho and Shoho. The masts were raised in normal steaming but lowered to the horizontal for flight operations. When extended horizontally the turning gear appears above the deck of the platform. Named Japanese Aircraft Carrier Mast Set I, you can outfit more than one of Japan's finest as twelve masts are included in the fret.

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