Delight your Daves. Bring Joy to your Jakes. There is nothing more perfect for your Petes than the Lion Roar set LE-700018, Imperial Japanese Navy Catapults in 1:700 scale. Why build one of the new mold Myoko, Takao or Mogami cruisers if your going to slap on the solid chunky catapults that come with the kit. The Sentai will wish you many blessings if you refit your cruisers with these brass catapults from Lion Roar

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Lion Roar provides four brass catapults in this set, so you can outfit two cruisers. What is immediately noticeable is the extensive relief-etching employed throughout the fret. It starts with the turntables. If you examine the photographs below, you'll quickly see that the turntable base plates have relief-etched anti-skid grid decking. The catapults themselves continue with this relief-etched grid on the top, plus plenty of relief-etched detail for the side framing. At the front end of the catapults there separate brass highly detailed pulleys to attach. You'll also notice that there are small side platforms at the back of each catapult and these platforms have a perforated pattern. Catapults are not complete without aircraft cradles and trolleys. There are six aircraft trolleys and fourteen cradles in two different styles. The centerline float two-seat Dave and Pete tactical reconnaissance/ shell spotting aircraft used a different cradle than those used by the twin float three-seat Alf and Jake long range reconnaissance planes. 

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