Most warships in World War Two carried a fitting called a degaussing cable. This fitting was designed to counteract magnetic mines and torpedoes. An electrical charge was sent through the cable to lessen the magnetic signature given off by the hull and therefore make the ship a less likely target for magnetic weapons. Typically the cables were built into the hull but with some ships they were mounted externally on the hull. External degaussing cables were very common in warship designs of the Imperial Japanese Navy. However, the feature was seldom seen on 1:700 scale models of IJN warships. Lion Roar now produces a photo-etch brass fret that specifically provides external degaussing cable for IJN warships in 1:700 scale.

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Lion Roar came up with a great idea in providing this overlooked item. Set LE700016 is called IJN Outboard Circuit, which makes sense since it is external to the hull and provides a circuit for an electrical charge, but it is more commonly called a degaussing cable. The brass is relief-etched in that the clamps that secure the cable to the hull cross over the top of the cable box. There are twelve straight lengths of cable and twenty-eight angled or curved runs in nine different patterns. The Lion Roar IJN degaussing cable will correct the fitting’s omission from the kit and add a significant and prominent fitting to your Japanese warship model. The brass is of excellent quality and detail.