Every year it seems that more detail appears in brass photo-etch parts. With the number of photo-etch producers throughout the growing each year, producers feel compelled to add more and more detail on their products. Lion Roar is among this group of searching for new ways to add more detail to the line up. At one time photo-etch doors in 1:700 scale were just the overall shape and modelers were happy. Then relief-etching was added to the mix and modelers were ecstatic. With LE700052 IJN Watertight doors photo-etch set in 1:700 scale, Lion Roar provides so much detail that it is hard to belief that there are any further details that can be added. This is an amazing set, consisting of over 200 incredibly detailed doors and hatches.

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If you look at the photographs, you'll instantly notice that the door pieces actually have three components all in one attached strip. There is the door sill, attached to door interior, attached to door exterior. The open door frames have individual sills above the top. Door surfaces are all relief-etched with opening wheels and surface patterns. If you add the door with door open, you can have the door open at any angle so an observer can see interior door surface detail, exterior door surface detail, or both. Or if you don't want to drill out the plastic or resin door openings for a true three-dimensional appearance, you simply can attach the part with the door closed. Likewise many of the deck hatches come with support frames for portraying these hatches in open positions. 

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