When you think of the aircraft of the IJN, you probably think of the Zeros, Vals and Kates carried by the big fleet carriers at the start of the Pacific War. The aircrew that manned those aircraft were probably the best trained airmen in the world at the time and their machines proved terribly effective in their skilled hands. However, Japan grossly miscalculated the effects of attrition of their aircrew and to compound matters, neglected the development of new aircraft. The Mitsubishi Zero of December 1941 with the highly trained pilot was certainly a far more formidable weapon than the Zero of 1943 flown by a green pilot. By the time Japan did develop new aircraft there were very few experienced aircrew left. The carriers towards the end of the war had very depleted air groups but they did receive new aircraft designs. Perhaps you want to model one of those carriers of Admiral Ozawa's decoy force at the battle of Leyte Gulf, before the aircraft flew off on their one way missions. If so, you certainly could use 1:700 scale detail parts to spruce up those aircraft. Now you can do so with this Lion Roar product.

Lion Roar brass photo-etch set LE700045 contains all of the smaller details that you need to provide landing struts, wheels, propellers and payload for late war IJN aircraft. Included on this fret are five different strut designs for late war Japanese naval aircraft. You also receive three bladed and four bladed propellers, wheels for the main gear and tail wheels. Additional detail comes in the form of torpedoes, bombs and drop tanks.

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