Here is a generic feature that every Imperial Japanese warship model could use, the humble cable and hose reel. If you look at almost any ship, you'll notice the reel is present in abundance. With Lion Roar Set LE700053, IJN Cable Reel in 1:700 scale, you'll get an abundance of those reels in different patterns and sizes.

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There are ten different designs of reels found on this fret. The reels are roughly broken down into  three sizes. The largest of the reels (#1,2) comes in only two patterns with four pieces on one and six of the other. When it comes to medium sized reels, there are four patterns (#3,4,5,6), varying mainly in the wheel design. There are 56 medium sized rails. The most numerous are the small reels. There a total of 78 reels in one of four patterns (#7,8,9,10).

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