This Lion Roar photo-etched set provides Type 21 radars for the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Japanese navy relied upon their superb night fighting skills, which utilized exceptionally well trained observers. This served them well in the early Guadalcanal campaign but by the end of 1942, USN radar development had given the electronic arrays abilities far beyond any human observer. The Japanese Navy was very slow in developing their own radar but they did and started refitting their major ships with radar. In 1943 the Type 21 radar was refitted to the cruisers of the Myoko and Takao classes, as well as most other major warships. This type was supplanted in 1944 by the Type 22 array. Lion Roar set LE700040 provides Type 21 radars by type. There are different fittings for the Type 21 for aircraft carriers, for battleships, for heavy cruisers and for light cruisers/destroyers. The set includes five Type 21 arrays for cruisers (non-specific) plus a slightly different attachment for Yamato; ten sets for heavy cruisers; five for aircraft carriers or battleships; and five for light cruisers or destroyers.

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