Lion Roar has expanded its product range yet again. They started out like any other photo-etch producer in vending a line of photo-etch frets for various commercially available ships. Then they produced fittings for various nationalities. Lion Roar then went to a line of super deluxe boxed sets for major 1:350 plastic releases. These included metal propellers, ship's bells and barrels. With the Hood set, they even added resin turrets to correct the manifest deficiency of the kit supplied turrets. Now, Lion Roar is producing brass replacement decks. LE700050 is the first one and is designed for the 1:700 scale kits of the battleship/carriers, Ise and Hyuga. This set includes three deck pieces, twelve turntable pieces, 24 turntable rails and 100 rail pieces

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The three decks decks go together in layers. The largest and most detailed deck piece, fret A, is the center layer. It is also the thinnest. You can instantly recognize the metal portion of this deck as it has the characteristic cross-hatched IJN tread pattern. This treadway is produced very finely and will clearly give you better detail than the plastic deck in the kit. In the center of the deck there are twelve holes, which receive the separate turntable discs. Running from disc to disc are two incised parallel lines. These lines are locator lines for the separate aircraft movement rails. Also on this fret are 24 parts for the turntables. These are assembled in two layers with the upper disc having the metal tread pattern and the smooth disc as the bottom layer. Also included are the 100 pieces of movement railing, which fit into the incised lines. Lion Roar also throws a curve with this fret in that there are 24 short pieces marked A3. They are not shown on the instructions but after examination of photographs these appear to be the rails on top of the turntables. The instructions show A7 parts for turntable parts but this is an obvious typo. There are not enough A7 parts for all of the turntables and the instructions also show that the A7 parts are the rails from the turntables to the deck edge, which is confirmed by examination of photographs. 

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There is only piece to fret B. This is a thick brass deck that lowest of the three layers. This is the part that is attached to the plastic hull. Fret C is also only of one piece. This is the upper layer of the deck sandwich and represents the smooth concrete added as a crude form of armored deck for the hangar. By 1943 steel was in short supply as the USN submarine blockade was biting deep. Rather than use steel for an armored deck for the hangars, it was decided that a thick layer of concrete would be just as good and far cheaper. Fret C would be the raised concrete armor with troughs cut in the deck for the movement rails. The rails need to be attached to A deck before C deck fits over the assembly. The final result will have the the aircraft rails showing in the middle of each trough on C deck. The final result will be a spectacular representation of the decks of these curiosities. These parts appear better for the 1943/1944 Ise and Hyuga, as it lacks some later AA galleries on the sides and there are no locators for deck AA added in 1945. 

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Now those oddities, the hermaphrodite BB/CVs Hyuga and Ise can join the IJN fleet carriers with brass photo-etch decks designed specifically for the plastic kits. Because of the unique, layered deck of this converted design, Lion Roar set LE700050 will make a very unique impact from standard brass decks.