Lion Roar has four sets of relief-etched nameplates, one each for the USN battleships, German battleships and cruisers, Japanese aircraft carriers and here is the fourth. This is one for capitol ships of the Royal Navy in World War Two. Included are plates for three of the five ships of the King George V. In addition to King George V, plates for Prince of Wales and Duke of York are included. These are natural selections because all three engaged German battleships. Hood and Repulse are included, which is logical since both have plastic kits available while Renown does not. The sixth ship is Nelson. I would have preferred Rodney but again since Airfix has a plastic kit of Nelson, that is a more logical choice. The USN nameplates used a USN stencil font, while the German nameplates used a German gothic font. A third font is used for the Royal Navy nameplates with a serif style.

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