With the increasing number of new releases of modern Russian/Soviet warship designs in 1:350 scale, Lion Roar has issued a new two fret set of photo-etch, which contains exclusively Russian radar arrays. In Lion Roar set LE350016 both frets are in stainless steel, with intricate photo-etch parts. Some involve simple attachment to the applicable plastic part of the kit but more are intricate arrays, involving multiple parts and folding of the photo-etch. In any event, any modeler with any experience will already know that photo-etch radar arrays are far superior to solid plastic parts found in kits.

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Fret A is the larger fret and contains 33 parts. This fret contains the larger arrays. Included are one top pair array composed of five parts; one Head Light array of seven parts; two Strut Pair radar with five parts each; one Top Steer Array with six parts; and one Front Door C Radar of two parts.

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The smaller fret contains the following: six Pop Group radars; four Palm Frond arrays of two pieces; one Top Plate array of six parts; one Plate Steer array of four parts; and four Cross Sword radars. Additionally this set contains four DF loops of four parts each. One sheet of back-printed instructions completes the outfit.

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If you are looking to replace clunky radars without paying the big price of a total ensemble dedicated photo-etch fret, Lion Roar set LE350016 may be just what the doctor ordered. With radars and nothing but radars the set provides the most crucial photo-etch replacement parts that you would need.