If you are just looking for basic railing for USN warships in 1:700 scale, you may want to look at Lion Roar photo-etch set LE700061. All this fret has is railing but it has it in seven different patterns, including drooping railing, with and without stanchion supports.

USNr1191.JPG (127170 bytes) USNr1195.JPG (152042 bytes) USNr1198.JPG (140970 bytes)
USNr1200.JPG (115163 bytes) USNr1201.JPG (111079 bytes) USNr1202.JPG (115323 bytes)
USNr1209.JPG (102975 bytes) USNr1212.JPG (123298 bytes) USNr1215.JPG (51727 bytes) USNr1217.JPG (74550 bytes)