Lion Roar has released another brass photo-etch set aimed at builders of 1:700 scale warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. This time the set is squarely aimed at 1:700 scale Yamato class models. The set is entitled IJN Cockboat Davits Set for Yamato Class LE700060. No, cockboats are not found in the navy of the University of South Carolina , they are the small dinghies which were launched from the deck edge of Yamato and Musashi from these davit fittings attached to the upper hull sides. The hull diagram included in the set shows ten such davits on each side of the battleships. There are three styles of parts. Part #1 is the davit in a lowered position with 21 double thickness relief-etched davits included. Part #2 is the davit of double thickness in upright position and 21 of these relief-etched pieces with block and tackle are also included. Part #3 is for the brackets mounted on the hull sides. Lion Roar provides 72 of these.

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