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USS MAssachusetts

BB 59
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Photographed  by Rob Mackie at
Battleship Cove
Fall River, Massachusetts
August 1997/98

Click here for recent photos of the USS Massachusetts in drydock in Boston.
These photos courtesy of Mark McKellar and Wayne Gephardt. Thank you!

Class: South Dakota
Type: Battleship
Launched: September 23, 1941
At: Bethlehem Steel Company, Quincy, Massachusetts
Commissioned: May 12, 1942

Length: 680 feet
Beam: 108 feet, 2 inches
Draft: 36 feet
Displacement: 35,000 tons
Armament: Nine 16-inch/45 caliber guns;
twenty 5-inch/38 caliber guns;
eighteen 40mm quad Bofors

The NavSource BB Massachusetts page has many WW2 era photos of Big Mamie

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Recent Drydock photos November '98
(These photos courtesy of Mark McKellar and Wayne Gephardt. Thank you!)
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Starboard side looking forward

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Looking towards stern from aft
of 16" turret

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Looking fwd from aside
16" 45 caliber turret

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Deck level starboard side

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Dense with guns and equipment
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Profile view of central citadel. Note compact, cluttered appearance characteristic of S. Dakota class.
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Conning tower details
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Directors, tubs, fittings and details too numerous to mention
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Midship details, 5" mounts
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"B" turret details
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Conning tower from bow
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View from quarterdeck looking fwd
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Mk 8 "comb" fire control radar atop Mk 38 16" gun director
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Mk 37 and Mk 8 "comb" gun directors
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SK-3 air search radar
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Mk 37 5" director with Mk 12 and Mk 22 "orange peel" radar used against low fliers
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Breakwater & paravanes
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Forecastle details
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Forecastle looking aft
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5" practice loaders
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Good view of masts
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Mast view
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Quarterdeck AA mount and 16" gun
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16" turrets
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View from bridge
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Another bridge view
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Central citadel details
mass13.jpg (45107 bytes)
Central citadel underside details
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Deck mounted quad 40mm
mass12.jpg (44383 bytes)
40mm Bofors quad mount details
mass17.jpg (31779 bytes)
Mk 51 director used to aim 40mm AA guns
mass81.jpg (36148 bytes)
Quarterdeck quad 40mm Bofors mount w/Mk 51 director in tub
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5"/38 caliber dual purpose gun, twin mount
mass32.jpg (42301 bytes)
5"/38 mount.  Note shrapnel damage from Battle of Casablanca
mass80.jpg (34433 bytes)
Rear of 5"/38 caliber twin mount
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mass35.jpg (46569 bytes)
mass36.jpg (39011 bytes)
Good shot of citadel details for modelers
mass37.jpg (44111 bytes)
Looking up at citadel
mass38.jpg (48633 bytes)
Search light, flag bells, 5" mounts
mass39.jpg (42586 bytes)
Midship details
mass40.jpg (47695 bytes)
Crane, more midship details
mass41.jpg (22568 bytes)
Profile view aft
mass02.jpg (46366 bytes)
Profile view aft
mass44.jpg (37062 bytes)
Starboard side fwd
mass45.jpg (25745 bytes)
Starboard side fwd
mass06.jpg (36227 bytes)
Stern quarter
mass30.jpg (37076 bytes)
Looking forward from shore
mass46.jpg (32205 bytes)
Nice view of 16" turret
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Rangefinder "ears" on main turret
mass42.jpg (40887 bytes)
Turret from rear
mass48.jpg (31252 bytes)
Turret details
mass49.jpg (34444 bytes)
Blast sleeves
mass47.jpg (26550 bytes)
Turret details
mass56.jpg (48390 bytes)
Quarterdeck winch
mass82.jpg (40453 bytes)
Forecastle 20mm mount
mass01.jpg (56855 bytes)
Nice view of "Big Mamie"