This is the 1/700 SealsModels Mikasa as she appeared at the Battle of Tsushima Strait on 27 May 1905. The ship is filthy and heavily weathered after weeks at sea waiting and searching for the approaching Russian Fleet.

MikBowHiDSA17v.jpg (97403 bytes) MikMidDSA.jpg (130845 bytes)

The SealsModels Mikasa is the best plastic injection kit ever made. Details are astonishing and complete! (Okay, secondary guns are slightly oversize.) All that is needed to complete the job are a few lengths of GMM Ultra Railings plus random bits and pieces from the WEM Iron Duke PE set--the stern 'Admiral's walk' fits PERFECTLY! The anchor chain and torpedo net booms were cut away from the plastic hull and replaced with modeling chain and lengths of wire. The torpedo net itself is a rolled bit of pantyhose suitably darkened. The largest portions of the plastic mast from the kit were retained, but the rest was made from wire.

MikRQtrDSA.jpg (95932 bytes) MikSternHiDSA.jpg (94928 bytes)

By the way, the way I make water is: Basic wave-form using spackling putty (for drywall finishing) on a sheet of plastic. Paint varying colors of dark blue, green, black, etc. Coat with several layers of acrylic Gloss Heavy Gel Medium (I used Liquitex Brand) from an artist supply store. Foam is acrylic Texture Gel Light Modeling Paste, also from Liquitex.

David Summers