I acquired this fantastic model while on a trip to Japan, ordering it straight from Minekaze. The parcel was delivered to my hotel right in time, thus, cutting the price in half!! This is my second ship story and it was a real great experience as the kit is complete to the last nail, but has a couple of drawbacks that obscure the picture a little bit. Documentation on the Japanese cruisers are not abundant and at the time of the build I had only the Gakken book with those incredible models in 1:100 scale. They help, even if they show the ship in the 1944 version, which is different from what the kit offers. The instructions are poor and they do not make things easy! Nevertheless I enjoyed immensely building this cruiser, and I have attempted to make her appear as at the battle of the Eastern Solomons when she was with the carrier "Ruyjo". The planes are made in resin and my old time buddy A. Saccoccio applied his magic on the "Pete" and "Jake" from Tamiya "Mushashi". The diorama I am building with the help of Pierre Marchal will depict the ship at anchor in Rabaul, with an sailing outrigger with natives sailing alongside to show the contrast.

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Jean Barby