The Shikishima Class was the second class of modern Japanese predreadnought battleships. As with the preceding Fuji Class, the two ships, Shikishima and Hatsuse were built in Great Britain. Designed as an improved version of the British Majestic Class, both were very active in the Russo-Japanese War. Hatsuse was lost on May 15, 1904, along with Yashima of the Fuji Class, to Russian mines. Shikishima was present at the Battle of the Yellow Sea in August 1904 and the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905. She was reclassified as a coast defense ship in 1921 and was disarmed and converted into a training ship in 1923. In that capacity, she survived until 1947, when she was scrapped. The Modelkrak 1:700 scale kit of Shikishima was built by Giampiero Galeotti of Regia Marina.

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