Itsukushima 1/700 scale by Modelkrak - This kit has probably been superceded by the newly released SEALS Models kit, so I have based it on what available photos that I could find along with the general arrangement sketch in CONWAY’S ALL THE WORLDS FIGHTING SHIPS 1860-1905. It was an interesting ship to build, not the least by trying to make the bizarre hull shape more evident. I achieved this by opening some of the scuttle hatches, which show shape of the hull better.

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In 1888 China had two German built battleships, the Ting Yuen and Chen Yuan, which were the most powerful warships in Asia. Japan had nothing to match them. Japan received French assistance to build the three ship, Matsushima Class. Rated as protected cruisers, their chief characteristic was the single very powerful 12.6 inch Canet cannon. Designed to counter the Chinese battleships. As battleship hunters, the class proved totally ineffective in their designed role during the Battle of the Yalu in 1894. The rate of fire of the one main gun on each ship was an abysmal one round, each five minutes. All three were also present at the Battle of Tsushima. Itsukushima was scrapped in 1922.