MORSKAYA KOLLEKTSIA 1995-2000     By Steve Backer

Most warship modelers, when not searching for the latest kit, are searching for new or out of print references. Nothing fires up the reference collector in quite the same way as trying to get a copy of each title in a reference series. Some reference series are still adding titles and are well known. The WR Press Warship in Perspective Series, the Polish Profile Morskie and Monograph Morskie Series and the Classic Warship Photobook series are recognized by most ship modelers. Each new issue is eagerly awaited and purchased immediately upon publication by the true reference collector. The Ensign and Man O’War series, although long out of print, are still the best individual references on the topics covered.

There is one series that started in 1995 and still publishes a title every two months. It has produced titles on some well known subjects like the USN Essex Class carriers and titles on very obscure topics such as the ten foreign built Imperial Russian Destroyers at Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War. The Morskaya Kollektsia (Naval Collection) series published by Modelist Konstruktor is that publication. Published in Moscow and obviously written in Russian, this series has not received the exposure of the others. The titles in series fall in to two types. The bulk of the titles are each on a single class of warship and the second type is a survey of the fleet of a particular country during a certain period of time. Both types of titles are 32 pages in length and have color plates of the covered subject matter on the front and back covers, outside and inside. The titles on the individual classes of ships feature a two page centerfold plan and profile of the topic with the rest of the pages containing drawings and a great number of photographs. The titles covering fleets have small profile drawings of each class of warship found in the subject navy during the covered period of time.

There are several reasons why these publications are not as well known as others. The production standards are not as high, although the quality of the paper and photo reproduction has improved dramatically since the first two years of publication. Most modelers outside of Russia, the Ukraine or Belarus do not read Russian. Lastly, this series is much more difficult to find than the other reference titles. Pacific Front will normally have a few titles and although I have purchased some titles from Kitlink in the past, when I checked the Kitlink site today, they were carrying only two of the titles. This fall I purchased four titles from Three of the titles arrived in two months and one, on the Sverdlov Class cruisers, which was a special order, took five months to arrive. The titles were mailed to me from Moscow and the packaging paper was covered with a great number of Russian stamps.

The great strength of the Morskaya Kollektsia series is the availability of a reference on a warship class not covered by anyone else, especially Russian warships. I’m currently working on two sisterships in 1:700, that will be covered in a review later this month. The Oslyabya by the Russian company Kombrig and the Peresvet by the Polish company Modelkrak. I was fortunate to have issue 1/1998 of Morskaya Kollektsia, which was about this class of Russian predreadnought. This title has proved to be invaluable in helping me build the kits and add extra detail. I do not know of any other reference volume that could have given me the information that I received from the photos and plans found in this volume.

The purpose of this article is to provide a glimpse of the topics covered in the series along with pictures of the color artwork found in the titles. I do not have every title, so with some volumes I only list the topic covered or imported photos from another source.


MK1995-1-SovietFleetCoverA4.jpg (34877 bytes) MK1995-1-A.jpg (30593 bytes) MK1995-1-B.jpg (27078 bytes) MK1995-1-C.jpg (32761 bytes)

2/1995 ADMIRAL NAKIMOV Russian Armored Cruiser

MK1995-2-Cover35.jpg (42950 bytes) MK1995-2-A.jpg (14554 bytes) MK1995-2-B.jpg (14513 bytes) MK1995-2-4.jpg (17085 bytes)

3/1995 GARIBALDI CLASS Armored Cruiser

MK1995-3-GaribaldiCover.jpg (19154 bytes) MK1995-3-A.jpg (16908 bytes) MK1995-3-B.jpg (16930 bytes) MK1995-3-P&P.JPG (71093 bytes)

4/1995 THE BRITISH FLEET 1914-1918

MK1995-4-BritishFleetCoverA4.jpg (32220 bytes)

5/1995 LEXINGTON Class Aircraft Carrier

6/1995 SUPERCRUISERS 1939-1945

1/1996 ASKOLD Imperial Russian five stack Cruiser

MK1996-1Cover35.jpg (47657 bytes)

2/1996 GREMYASHEE type 7 Soviet Destroyer Class

MK1996-2-GremyashiiCover.jpg (23265 bytes) MK1996-2-A.jpg (33524 bytes) MK1996-2-B.jpg (30200 bytes)

3/1996 THE GERMAN FLEET 1914-1918

MK1996-3-GermanFleetCover.JPG (34953 bytes) MK1996-3-A.JPG (31643 bytes) MK1996-3-B.JPG (31585 bytes) MK1996-3-C.JPG (65379 bytes)

4/1996 GIULIO CESARE Italian, later Russian Battleship

MK1996-4-CesareCover.jpg (21095 bytes) MK1996-4-A.jpg (29959 bytes) MK1996-4-B.jpg (25898 bytes) MK1996-4-C.jpg (32979 bytes) MK1996-4-P&P.JPG (72839 bytes)

5/1996 USA & LATIN AMERICAN NAVIES 1914-1918

MK1996-5-AmericanFleetCover.jpg (22306 bytes) MK1996-5-A.jpg (24634 bytes) MK1996-5-B.jpg (21887 bytes) MK1996-5-C.jpg (16120 bytes)


MK1996-6-DreadnoughtCover.jpg (19781 bytes) MK1996-6-A.jpg (25317 bytes) MK1996-6-B.jpg (21680 bytes) MK1996-6-C.jpg (23809 bytes) MK1996-6-P&P.JPG (72493 bytes)


MK1997-1-BelfastCover.jpg (26094 bytes)

2/1997 GUNS OF THE RUSSIAN FLEET 1867-1922

MK1997-2-RussianGunsCover.jpg (26923 bytes) MK1997-2-A.jpg (21498 bytes) MK1997-2-B.jpg (25085 bytes)

3/1997 BAYAN Imperial Russian Armored Cruiser

MK1997-3-BayanCover.JPG (42199 bytes) MK1997-3-A.JPG (58281 bytes) MK1997-3-B.JPG (47317 bytes) MK1997-3-C.JPG (48783 bytes) MK1997-3-P&P.JPG (68310 bytes)

4/1997 ITALIAN & AUSTRIAN FLEETS 1914-1918

MK1997-4-Italian&AustrianFleets.jpg (24102 bytes) MK1997-4-A.jpg (21539 bytes) MK1997-4-B.jpg (19049 bytes) MK1997-4-C.jpg (17717 bytes) MK1997-4-Page.jpg (37175 bytes)


MK1997-5-GrafSpeeCover.jpg (22095 bytes) MK1997-5-A.jpg (40565 bytes) MK1997-5-B.jpg (33502 bytes) MK1997-5-C.jpg (23178 bytes)

6/1997 SOOBRAZEETELNI type 7i Soviet Destroyer Class

MK1997-6-SoobrazeetelniiCover.jpg (41124 bytes) MK1997-6-A.JPG (54330 bytes) MK1997-6-B.JPG (61183 bytes) MK1997-6-C.JPG (39687 bytes) MK1997-6-P&P.JPG (78500 bytes)

1/1998 PERESVET Imperial Russian Battleship Class

MK1998-1-PeresvetCover.jpg (40927 bytes) MK1998-1-A.JPG (57537 bytes) MK1998-1-B.JPG (52316 bytes) MK1998-1-C.JPG (45124 bytes) MK1998-1-P&P.JPG (61735 bytes)

2/1998 SVERDLOV Soviet Light Cruiser Class

MK1998-2-SverdlovCover.jpg (22351 bytes) MK1998-2-A.jpg (32222 bytes) MK1998-2-B.jpg (14589 bytes) MK1998-2-P&P.JPG (62880 bytes)


MK1998-3-WindjammersCover.jpg (29440 bytes)

4/1998 THE RUSSIAN FLEET 1914-1918

MK1998-4-RussianFleet.jpg (26147 bytes) MK1998-4-A.jpg (23119 bytes) MK1998-4-B.jpg (22087 bytes) MK1998-4-C.jpg (35778 bytes)


MK1998-5-UboatsCover.jpg (25020 bytes) MK1998-5-A.jpg (31847 bytes) MK1998-5-B.jpg (30697 bytes)

6/1998 LENINGRAD Soviet Destroyer Leader

MK1998-6-LeningradCover.jpg (29979 bytes)

1/1999 KASHIN Soviet Anti –Submarine Frigate Class

MK1999-1-KashinCover.jpg (22474 bytes) MK1999-1-A.jpg (7337 bytes) MK1999-1-B.jpg (6726 bytes) MK1999-1-C.jpg (7978 bytes) MK1999-1-D.jpg (21665 bytes) MK1999-1-E.jpg (25265 bytes)


MK1999-2-SchnellboatsCover.jpg (23024 bytes) MK1999-2-A.jpg (37429 bytes) MK1999-2-B.jpg (13632 bytes)

3/1999 MINOR EUROPEAN FLEETS 1914-1918

MK1999-3-MinorNaviesCover.jpg (22691 bytes) MK1999-3-A.jpg (20188 bytes) MK1999-3-B.jpg (18702 bytes) MK1999-3-C.jpg (21827 bytes)

4/1999 RETVIZAN Imperial Russian Battleship

MK1999-4-RetvizanCover.JPG (44620 bytes) MK1999-4-A.JPG (32825 bytes) MK1999-4-B.JPG (67880 bytes) MK1999-4-P&P.JPG (70273 bytes)

5/1999 THE JAPANESE and TURKISH FLEETS 1914-1918

MK1999-5-JapaneseFleetCover.JPG (36281 bytes) MK1999-5-A.JPG (31186 bytes) MK1999-5-B.JPG (32928 bytes) MK1999-5-C.JPG (30374 bytes)

6/1999 USS ESSEX Class Carriers

MK1999-6-EssexCover.jpg (21188 bytes) MK1999-6-A.jpg (34715 bytes) MK1999-6-B.jpg (32276 bytes)

1/2000 USS ORISKANY AND MIDWAY Class Carriers

MK2000-1-OriskanyCover.jpg (20994 bytes) MK2000-1-A.JPG (53247 bytes) MK2000-1-B.jpg (33590 bytes) MK2000-1-C.jpg (22155 bytes) MK2000-1-P&P.JPG (61538 bytes)

2/2000 SOVIET S Class Submarines

MK2000-2-S-ClassCover.jpg (20842 bytes) MK2000-2-A.jpg (22523 bytes) MK2000-2-B.jpg (21878 bytes) MK2000-2-C.jpg (25647 bytes)

3/2000 THE FRENCH FLEET 1914-1918

MK2000-3-FrenchFleetCover.JPG (34014 bytes) MK2000-3-A.JPG (54324 bytes) MK2000-3-B.JPG (32702 bytes) MK2000-3-C.JPG (34869 bytes)

4/2000 HMS VANGUARD the Last Battleship

MK2000-4-VanguardCover.jpg (19142 bytes) MK2000-4-A.jpg (28450 bytes) MK2000-4-B.jpg (30235 bytes) MK2000-4-P&P.JPG (72152 bytes)


MK2000-5-PortArthur DDsCover.jpg (19485 bytes) MK2000-5-A.jpg (24306 bytes) MK2000-5-B.jpg (17941 bytes) MK2000-5-C.jpg (19278 bytes)

6/2000 FRIGATES OF RUSSIA 1945-2000

MK2000-6-SovietFrigatesCover.jpg (15548 bytes) MK2000-6-A.jpg (18393 bytes) MK2000-6-B.jpg (19809 bytes) MK2000-6-C.jpg (19689 bytes)