Nichimo 1:200 Scale

Built by
David Mullins

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The Yamato is basically the 1/200 scale Nichimo kit. All platforms, laddres, stairs, railings, radar, glacis plates on the tower, crane bom, etc., etc. are scratch built. Anchors, capstain, capstain control wheel, aux. anchor, deck hatches, searchlights, etc., etc. are investment cast brass fittings imported from Japan ($$$). The deck is .008 x 3/64" wood strips bonded to the sanded plastic deck.  Rail stanchions are brass rod; rails are monofilament sewing thread. Figures are Z scale model RR figures. Both rudders work. Boat davits work-- a boat can be swung over the rail into lowering position. All lanyards work- using tweezers you can raise a flag!

The model was finished in 1986 & has been in storage for some time. Restoration & upgrading is underway.

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Stern/floatplane details
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Superstructure detail
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Preparing for battle with the
Great White Swan Fleet

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