Reviewed by Steve Backer

Navires & Histoire #9, December 2001 continues to demonstrate that this bimonthly publication is one of the best magazines on naval history available. As before (Click for Review of Issue #5) the magazine is 98 pages in length and of the highest physical and graphic quality. The format is the presentation of numerous articles on various naval topics spanning two hundred years, from the navy of the French Revolution to the participants of Operation Enduring Freedom in October 2001.

The Saga of the Liberty Ships (Part 4)- This installment in the series, written by Jean-Yves Brouard, covers the usage of Liberty ships to provide for auxiliaries for the fleet. Covered are the ships used as AG, AK, AKN, AKV, AKS, APB, AR, ARG, ARV, AVS, AW, AGTR, YAGR, MSS-1, YAG, and non-classified Class IX auxiliaries. (5 pages, 13 photos) 

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The Four Argentine Torpedo Boats Constructed in France and Requisitioned in 1914- The article by Charles Salou, discusses the warship purchases of Argentina, immediately before World War One. As the title indicates, it goes into depth on the design and history of four torpedo boats of 930 tons (1,250 tons full load), taken over by France at the start of the war. Rioja became LíOpiniatre, Mendoza became LíAventurier, Salta became LíIntrepide, and San Juan became Temeraire. As can be seen by their tonnage, these ships were in fact destroyers. (6 pages, 8 photos, one chart) 

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The Battleship Tirpitz (Part 2)- Written by Philippe Caresse, the article covers the end of Tirpitz career in Norway. It covers the shipís history from February 1943 until her destruction. Also covered are subsequent expeditions to her wreck. (10 pages, 13 photos, 2 maps & three art profiles of British X Boats)  

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Enduring Freedom (Parts 1 to 4)- This topic is the main feature of the Issue. Written by Alexandre Altai, Alain Pigeard and Frederic Stahl, the topic is subdivided into four parts. Part One covers the background for the operation. (2 pages, 5photos, 1 map) Part Two provides the Order of Battle of the USN Carrier Battle Groups, units not attached to carrier groups, Maritime Pre-positioning Force; British Carrier Force, Amphibious Group, Minehunter Group and unattached ships; Canadian warships involved; and French warships involved. Each USN carrier air wing is broken down into Squadron designations and names, airframe utilized and number of aircraft in the squadron. Now I know that the 2 aircraft Hawkeye Squadron aboard the Theodore Roosevelt, is VAW-123 "Screwtops". (5 pages, 19 photos, 16 charts) Part Three covers the strikes against the Taliban from naval forces. (14 pages, 31 photos, 5 maps, 1 drawing) 

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Part Four covers the Navy of Pakistan. (4 pages, 8 photos, 1 drawing) 

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The Battle of Cavite- Written by Michel Puyo, the article covers the first major action of the Spanish-American War of 1898. Also called the Battle of Manila Bay, the action made the USN commander, Commodore Dewey and his flagship, USS Olympia famous. (6 pages, 9 photos, 2 drawings and 1 map) 

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Losses of the United States Navy & Coast Guard in WWII (Part 8)- Originally by Vernon Miller, adapted by Frederic Stahl. This covers the patrol vessel losses during the war for PG, PR, PY, PYc, PC, PE, PGM, PT & SC classes. Each loss is listed by name, date, location and cause of loss. (4 pages, 12 photos, 5 tables)

Jean Cras- Written by Daniel Maurice, presents a short biography of Jean Cras, born in 1879, who became a officer in the French Navy and a composer. (2 pages, 2 photos)

The Revolution of October- The story of the Russian Navy from the Kerenski government to the Bolshevik Revolution is covered by Frederic Stahl. (12 pages, 13 photos, 1 map, 1 drawing) 

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The Navy of the Revolution- By Gerard Piouffre. The article covers the British naval mutinies of 1797, the Battle of Cape St Vincent (February 4, 1797) and French preparations to invade England in 1797-1798

Standard Features- Navires & Histoire #9 contains these regular features; En Bref- Quick (2 page, 5 photo, 2 tables) overview of current naval developments: Letters-Readers contribute information and ask questions (7 pages, 13 photos, 6 drawings): Book Reviews- Covers 10 publications on naval topics. (2 pages with 10 photos): Kit Reviews- Very short reviews on 9 plastic and resin kits, Colourcoat Paints, and the new Trumpeter catalog and listings. (3 pages, 12 photos, 3 tables)

Navires & Histoire is written in French. Whether you read French or donít, the magazines high production values and wealth of photos, color plates and information tables, make it an excellent resource and value. Subscriptions are 51 Euros in France, 58.60 Euros in Europe and 63.20 Euros outside Europe for a six-issue one-year subscription. There are greater savings with two years. Published by Lela Press, 29 rue Paul Bert, 62230 Outreau, France. E-Mail: ( Web Site: (