USS North Carolina

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Photographed  by Steve Belanger

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16" turret and optical rangfinder
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Armoured conning tower
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View forward looking over 16" mounts
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Nice view of BB North Carolina
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Bridge area
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View from the bow
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Forecastle detail
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16" guns
nc25.jpg (42872 bytes)
Port side amidships view
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Tower, stacks, 5" mounts
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Nice view of tower
nc28.jpg (45286 bytes)
Bridge and tower
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Deck level view of bridge and tower
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5" director and searchlights
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16" turret optics
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Looking forward from stern
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16" shell and turret
nc34.jpg (35727 bytes)
5" optical& radar director
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Director detail
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Director atop aft superstructure
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Raft and Crane
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Deck details
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Tower and bridge
nc42.jpg (34781 bytes)
View from stern
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Deck level 20mm gallery
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16" turret and 40mm tub
nc49.jpg (36454 bytes)
nc51.jpg (55696 bytes)
Quad 40mm Bofors
nc52.jpg (43535 bytes)
5" practice loaders
nc54.jpg (45689 bytes)
Aft superstructure with main and secondary gun directors
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Profile view of port side aft
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5" mounts and midship details
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Bridge and talley board

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Looking up at tower
nc9.jpg (34642 bytes)
Directors and stacks

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