USS North Carolina
Technical Reference I
Randall S. Shoker
Oxford Museum Press, Oxford, Ohio, USA

Reviewed by Mike Leonard

NCbbFrontCover.jpg (17372 bytes)
NCplatform.jpg (5564 bytes)This excellent 56-page book is identified as "Technical Reference 1", so hopefully it’s the start of a new series. It consists of over 65 black and white photographs, taken during World War Two or in recent years at the permanent berth in Wilmington, NC. The majority of the former were provided by the Floating Drydock, Kresgeville, PA. Twenty-two photos are full-page pictures, capturing the sort of details that modelers crave. In addition to offering a ship history and its operational highlights, Mr. Shoker provides an in-depth look at the 16-inch main battery, 5-inch secondary weapons, 20mm and 40mm mounts, .50cal M2 machine guns, the various radars (such as SG) and directors (Marks 37, 38, 51, and 57), turret rangefinders, and miscellaneous hull and deck fittings. In short, this book is the next best thing to an actual ship visit.

There is also a section devoted to the changes in anti-aircraft guns that occurred each time the ship was refitted during the war. 1/900 scale views of the North Carolina's layout in February 1942 and November 1944 provide a graphic example of these modifications. Five black and white profiles of the battleship reproduce the various camouflage patterns used between 1941 and 1947. The back cover reproduces 1/900 scale starboard side Measure 12 and Measure 32 camouflage as well. Lastly, the ship’s technical data and campaign history are summarized.

As an added bonus, a 1/350 scale plan sheet by Tom Walkowiak is packaged with the book. In all, this is an outstanding value at US$17.95. For ordering information, visit

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