Here are some photos of my finished NNT Deutschland in 1:700 scale. These shots have been taken at an exhibition at Bühl in Germany by the son of a famous friend of mine: Daniel Villhauer, Bernd´s son, both being very well-known amongst ship modellers in Germany. In one of the photos you can see the proud builder as well. The ship has been built straight from the box, only railing of Gold Medal Models have been added. Colors are as always self-mixed Tamiya acrylics with detail painting done in Humbrol. The base is also standard NNT. I finished the model just before our gun barrels came in (10cm gun barrels all drilled!!), so I was not able to use these little beauties...Next ship to release will be the Atlantic Conveyor, the master is ready...

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Norbert Thiel (NNT)