These are the first pictures of my finished NNT H-Class battleship. I have used a Hi-Tech kit including our gun barrels, railing from Saemann and some details from a Gold Medal Models -Bismarck set. It took me about 4 weeks to finish, I guess some 50 hours. If anybody wants some pictures of the unpainted model, please ask me. In my opinion it is by far the best model I have ever built.

H4nt.jpg (43900 bytes) H2nt.jpg (73284 bytes) H3nt.jpg (64391 bytes) H5nt.jpg (49750 bytes)
H1nnt60.jpg (105155 bytes) H1ntAft.jpg (127694 bytes) H1ntMid.jpg (138766 bytes) H1ntFore.jpg (114070 bytes)

Norbert Thiel