These are the first shots of my finished NNT 1:700 scale HMAS Perth, now ready to be shipped to our customers. As I intend to use this model in a diorama in the future I have done some extra detailing, using extra parts from White Ensign Models and Tomīs Modelworks beside a little scratch-building. This also explains the card below the model as I have to add the water(!). The model comes with photo-etch including the specific parts for Perth. In the Hi-Tech version you will find extra railing and the British radar set from Tomīs. Rigging this time is done with black sprue (thank you Jim!), all colors are self-mixed Tamiya for the camouflage and as usual Humbrol colors for all details. A very sound base for extra details can be found in the corresponding Profile Morskie.

Perth02nt.JPG (99814 bytes) Perth05nt.JPG (132953 bytes) Perth06nt.JPG (131579 bytes)
Perth01nt.JPG (71643 bytes) Perth03nt.JPG (139790 bytes) Perth04nt.JPG (136656 bytes)

Norbert Thiel