At one time you could count the number of models of Soviet surface ships on one hand, in deed you could count them on one finger, as for a time only the Airfix 1:600 scale model of the Soviet Anti-submarine helicopter carrier Moskva was available. How things have changed. Now there are many injected plastic kits available on modern Russian/Soviet warships. However, by far the greatest impact in this area has been made by Combrig. Thanks to the guys from Moscow, almost any modern Russian or earlier Soviet warship is now available to any modeler who wishes to build their own Red Banner Northern Fleet. One very noticeable item on any modern Russian warship is the tactical or pennant number. This feature is prominently displayed on the bow of almost every Russian surface ship. Some of the Combrig kits come with decals but most do not. Until now, one problem of modeling many of the its has always been finding the right size and style of numbers to use for the tactical numbers. NNT has solved the problem because they have produced four sets of Russian tactical numbers.

The largest in size of the sets is NNT set D700-02, with numbers in 4.5mm to 5mm in size. The first thing that you notice is that NNT not only includes multiple numbers for setting up the proper combination for your subject, but also this set provides five sets of decals already worked up for specific ships. These four are Admiral Golovko 1981 (#118), Vladivostok 1964 (#017), Zhdanov 1950 (#842), Vitse Admiral Drouzd 1965 (#299) and Ochakov 1965 (#714). The five specific sets are also in different styles. There are 220 individual numbers for creating the correct pennant number for your subject plus a series of very small numbers, apparently for helicopters. These numbers are also in five different styles. As the largest decal set, it is also the most expensive of the four sets with a retail price of 3 Euro. However, that price represents a very good value when you consider everything provided by NNT on the set.

NNT Set D700-02
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NNT set D700-01 has the largest size decals at 5.5mm and is priced at 1.30 Euro. This set contains specific decals for Varyag (#031), Sverdlov 1949 (#881), Marshal Ustinov (#055), Moskva (#121) and Petropavlovsk (#712). For the mix and match numbers there are 110 individual numbers in four styles, plus helicopter numbers. Set D700-03 has numbers in 4mm size and is priced at .90 Euro. There are only two specific combinations on this sheet with Admiral Fokin 1964 (#641) and Frunze (#141). There are 88 large individual numbers in one style plus small helicopter numbers. The last sheet is D700-04 in 3.5mm size, also priced at .90 Euro. The two specific ship groupings provided on this sheet are Chapayev 1949 (#20) and Varyag 1965 (#822). As with D700-03, this sheet also has 88 large ship's numbers in one style plus small helicopter numerals.

NNT Sets D700-01, D700-03 & D700-04
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These decal sets are must have products for anyone building models of modern Russian or Soviet warships. NNT has placed a very low price on these decal sheets. Considering the flexibility and the comprehensive nature of these sheets, these decals represent a very good purchase.

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