Laid down on August 28, 1909, the SMS Goeben had a life of 62 years. Sistership to the Moltke, the two ship class was the second class of German battlecruiser. Significantly larger than the preceding Von der Tann, the class was much beamier and as with all of the German battlecruisers, able to absorb a tremendous amount of punishment. Of her 62 years, only 5 were spent flying the flag of the Kaiser. She was in the Mediterranean when the First World War erupted and the British and French blocked the way back to Germany. Instead she steamed east to Turkey and on August 10, 1914 was nominally transferred as a gift to the Turkish Navy. Even though flying the flag of Turkey and renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim, she was still under German command and manned by her German crew. Her actions in the Black Sea were a direct and major factor in bringing Turkey into the war on the side of the central powers. During the war she hit a total of five mines, none of which penetrated the armored bulkheads. After the war Turkey retained her and her name was shortened to Yavuz. During the 1930s and 40s she received an increasing amount of anti-aircraft guns and during World War Two displayed a distinctive camouflage pattern. In the late 1960s she was offered for sale back to Germany for use as a museum ship but unfortunately, the sale fell through. She was scrapped in 1971.

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Last year NNT produced the Goeben and Moltke in the fit as units of the German fleet (Click for review of the NNT Moltke/Goeben). NNT now has released the Yavuz with her increased AA fit and modifications to the superstructure, that she received later in her career. The photographs show her as she appeared in World War Two.

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