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USS Nashville 1944 (click to enlarge)
USS Nashville
(CL 43)
Brooklyn Class Light Cruiser
Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale Kit

Rob Mackie

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale USS Nashville is a two-piece full hull model. Launched in 1937, Nashville was one of nine Brooklyn class light cruisers. The London Treaty of 1930 limited the construction of 8" gun heavy cruisers. The Brooklyn class, with its 6" gun main armament was the result. The appearance of Japan's Mogami class cruisers with their fifteen 6" guns dictated that the Brooklyns, then in the design stage, carry at least this many. The result was the distinctive three turrets forward, two aft configuration unique among US Cruisers. Not coincidentally the Brooklyns shared this configuration with the Japanese Mogamis

The USS Nashville saw extensive action in the Pacific Theatre, earning more battle stars than any other Brooklyn class cruiser. In December 1944 she was hit by a kamikaze while en route to Mindoro in the Philippines. Seriously damaged and with 310 men dead or wounded, she was knocked out of the war until April '45, when she returned to action in the Philippines. The Nashville was sold to Chile in 1951. Renamed Capitan Prat, she served in the Chilean Navy until her 1984 decommissioning.

Brooklyn Class Vital Statistics
Displacement: 9,767 tons; 12,207 tons full load
Length: 608'4" oa, 600' wl; Beam: 61' 9"
Range: 10,000nm @ 15 kts; Top Speed: 32.5 kts
Armament (as built): Fifteen 6" (5x3); eight 5"(8x1)
Torpedoes: none
Aircraft: four, Catapults: 2
Complement: 868

The Iron Shipwright kit depicts Nashville as she appeared 1944-45. Like all front line US cruisers, her AA fit was augmented throughout the war. By 1945 she had twenty-eight 40mm (4x4, 6x2) and nine twin 20mm. Paint schemes during this period included the splinter scheme shown above and the late war measure 12

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USS Nashville 1945 (click to enlarge)

I find Brooklyn class cruisers sleek and uncluttered, even in their late war fit. Perhaps it's the lengthy forecastle,uncluttered quarterdeck or the evenly spaced funnels, but somehow this design works for me. The Iron Shipwright kit is an all resin affair. There is no white metal. A customized etched brass fret is included, as well as the brass rod needed to fabricate the masts. Jon Warneke fabricated the master pattern and provided production assistance. The full hull kit will be available late May at a suggested retail price of $180. I will add the instructions and etched brass artwork to this preview when they become available.

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Superstructure levels (2 views)
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Funnels, superstructure levels
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6" turrets, 40mm mounts
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Misc resin parts
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