The first reconnaissance photographs of the Nautilus Models laser cut wooden deck for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Hornet CV-8 were posted last Saturday. Those four photographs were sent in by none other than Chainsaw Corley himself and just showed some close-up shots. Later that same day the actual set arrived from Atlanta, actually Marietta, Georgia, which allowed for taking more photographs of this new product. This product should not have come as a surprise, all of the indicators were there. 1. Chainsaw had started producing wooden decks for the ISW USS Langley 1:350 scale carrier, 2. Chainsaw was preparing to produce 1:350 scale wooden decks for the ISW (oops, can't say), 3. Chainsaw had produced a wooden deck for the Revell 1:72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat, which had been a big hit. You can now anticipate a whole series of wooden wonder weapons from the Chainsaw of Marietta.

Hornet2080pack.JPG (97269 bytes) Hornet2088deck.JPG (116913 bytes) Hornet2092bow.JPG (151566 bytes) Hornet2093mid.JPG (119159 bytes)
Hornet2094stern.JPG (127467 bytes) Hornet2082det.JPG (97253 bytes) Hornet2097endon.JPG (84390 bytes) Hornet2089deck.JPG (92336 bytes)

The deck comes on two pieces of bass wood. If you are not familiar with this type of wood, it is a much stronger and sturdier wood than balsa wood. It does make an excellent source to use for carrier or any other type of wooden decks. The deck pieces were easily removed from their frames, with the exception of the solo elevator, which I assume is for those that wish to show an elevator in a down position. This is a sample and did not have any instructions, although the parts are rather self explanatory. Arrestor wires and gear are shown on the deck and a separate deck will be available for the Yorktown CV-5/Enterprise CV-6.

Hornet2081det.JPG (134851 bytes) Hornet2085bow.JPG (129900 bytes) Hornet2083det.JPG (116684 bytes) Hornet2084det.JPG (115755 bytes)
Hornet2086elv.JPG (108600 bytes) Hornet2087bow.JPG (146096 bytes) Hornet2095stern.JPG (120928 bytes) Hornet2099elv.JPG (92161 bytes)

When grilled with questions by SteelNavy readers, Chainsaw blurted out:

1. Yes, there is a set for those of you who have bought my York/Ent conversion - same price as the other.

2. The barriers and arrestors are etched into the deck. It is a good illusion and you won't be forced to deal with a set of p/e to get the look. The intention with doing it this way is that it'll give the modeler who is satisfied with the "look" piece of mind, and for the rest of you it'll give a good guide of where to apply little bits of wire to "complete" your model and possible psychosis.

3. the planned retail is $50. I have several sets made already and that price looks to be good unless somebody points out something wrong (I used USN plans, so I'd guess the Navy got it wrong too!)......
The total price will be $55 w/ Priority Mail to anywhere in the US, foreign shipping at actual cost.

In any event, there will be more wooden decks from Nautilus, as another deck for a different scale and make of ship arrived with the Hornet deck but that will be the subject of a different article. NOTE: * Chainsaw Corley Action Figure is not included with deck.