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USS Navajo
ATF 67
Ocean Going Tug

Iron Shipwright
1:350 Scale Full Hull Kit


Rob Mackie

Hopi ATF 71reduced.jpg (14377 bytes)Built in 1939, the USS Navajo ATF 67 was one of a large class of ocean-going tugs named after American Indian tribes. Over 200' in length and displacing 1,500 tons at full load, these armed vessels were used to  tow ships as well as assisting in salvage efforts (click the accompanying image of USS Hopi ATF 61 for an excellent photo of a typical ATF).

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Vital Statistics
Abnaki Class Ocean Tug, Fleet
Displacement: 1,650 tons full load
Length: 205' Beam: 39'  Draft:14'
Speed: 14 knots

30,000 H.P. diesel-electric machinery, one screw
Armament: one 3"/50, four 20mm Oerlikon cannons
Complement: 85

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale USS Navajo is a one piece full hull kit. Photo etched brass is included, though neither brass nor the instructions were available for this preview. The hull casting is full of detail, including numerous integrally cast winches. Casting quality looked to be very good, with only a few small voids needing filling. You will also have to do a minor amount of filling along the keel where the resin casting sprue attaches to the hull. Construction should be easy, consisting mainly of affixing resin gun tubs and etched brass to the hull casting.   The USS Navajo kit will sell for $65. See the Iron Shipwright catalog page for availability.

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Comparison of the Navajo to other
Iron Shipwright 350 scale tugs

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Resin parts
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Achomawi ATF 148

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