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Royal Navy Battleship
HMS Rodney

1:350 Scale
Produced by Iron Shipwright
Master pattern by Jon Warneke

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale HMS Rodney is a one piece full-hull model depicting this distinctive ship in its 1942 fit.

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HMS Rodney (1942)
(Scanned from "Man O'War 3: Battleships Rodney and Nelson"
by Alan Raven and John Roberts)

The kit's 150 resin parts permit the modeler to build either HMS Rodney or her sister ship HMS Nelson.  A customized etched brass fret will be included.  The price is $450. The model will be available September 1st.  The test casting pictured here will be on display at the US IPMS Nationals in Santa Clara, California, July 2 - 4, 1998.

Click on the thumbnail images below for full size pics of the HMS Rodney/Nelson.

For More information contact

Commander Series Models, Inc.
Iron Shipwright Division

551 Wegman Road
Rochester, NY  14624

Phone: 1-888-IRONSHIP  (1-888-476-6744)

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Rodney & Zulu
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