If you couldn't attend the 2005 IPMS US Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, at least you can see the model that took the prize as best ship model. It is the USS New Jersey BB-16 in her original white and buff in 1:144 scale. The model was scratch-built be Gary Kingzett. Gary, who lives in New Jersey, spent, off and on,  over five years on this project. 

As you can see from the photographs, the detail is amazing. This model is huge and was enclosed in a Plexiglas cover, which was removed at the time that these photos were captured.

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Gary carried his New Jersey in a specially padded trailer and I doubt if he took the twists and turns of one of the scenic routes down the Appalachians to Atlanta. Originally I thought that this model was for display only and not for competition. However, when I learned that it was in the competition, there was no doubt that it was the most magnificent ship model present at the convention. Mr. Kingzett has truly created a museum class model.

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