This build is based on the NIKO kit ORP CONRAD., a 1:700 scale resin kit with some photo-etch. Essentially I wanted to build a camouflaged version, and the ship was previously RN HMS Danae and so the game begins. I used the Raven Roberts book on British WW2 Cruisers where there is a good picture of the ship in the camo scheme. I didnít have a line drawing but referenced HMS Durban in the same book. The camo colours are referenced in the Allan Raven book "Warship Perspectives" however the deck colour is unknown Ė I chose plain timber as a certain starting point. The kit is very nice in good quality resin. You will need photo-etch railings as you require but the photo-etch included is satisfactory. I found the lantern radar a bit basic so I replaced it with 1:350 railing also the deck planks are a bit too thick and the instructions need backup information but otherwise simple to build.

Data : 6 x 6 inch main guns; 3 x 4 inch AA guns; 2 x 2 lb AA guns; Speed 29 kts.; Complement 450 officers and men; Built 26/01/1918, and broken up 1948; On 26/01/1944 was adopted by the Polish Navy at Portsmouth, and became ORP Conrad.

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Peter Fulgoney