Here are some pictures of two of my dioramas that show a view of the Norfolk Yard before the Desert Shield/Storm in 1991. There are kits in resin and in plastic from Skywave, Sealine, Dragon, JSP, Italeri, Loose Cannon, Fujimi and others. The piers are in resin also the tugs. Now Iím moving into another house and there is little space for display of the Dioramas in their cases. If anyone is interested in purchasing them, please contact me.

MC-NORFOLK1.jpg (60703 bytes) MC-NORFOLK AERIAL.jpg (62582 bytes) MC-NORFOLK AERIAL 2.jpg (69734 bytes)
MC-NORFOLK AERIAL 3.jpg (76594 bytes) MC-NORFOLK AIRCFRAFT CARRIER.jpg (60779 bytes) MC-NORFOLK PIERS 2.jpg (53026 bytes)
MC-FLOATING DRYDOCK  NUKE SUB INSIDE.jpg (54682 bytes) MC-CVN-73  GW.jpg (60059 bytes) MCUSS DETROIT  USS J.F.KENNEDY CV-67.jpg (81824 bytes) MC-USS DETROIT BOW VIEW.jpg (64633 bytes)

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