On behalf of my good friend, Biker Yu these are his latest model works. Biker often builds IJN ship models. He began to build US warships last year. These works looks so complicated under decent painting .Most of all, he never uses photo-etch sets to detail up any of his work. All of the railing, mast detail, radar and even the 40 mm gun's cartridge bracket are made from plastic thread and styrene sprue. I really respect him with the patience and dedication to finish these complicated model works.

Melvin Tung

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These are my recent works. You may see these model works are full of railing on each level of deck and the bridge. I used plastic thread, which is actually made from the the remaining section of the kit's sprue and that really took a lot of my time to finish. With the good effect, I didnít use any kind of photo-etch set to detail up my models.

Biker Yu