Regia Marina has produced a resin and photo-etch set of details for merchant ships. Although it is perfect for Italian merchant ships, it certainly has solid applications for the merchants of any country. Regia Marina Set AF-051 provides light AA armament as well as generic merchant fittings. One resin runner is provided, which contains twelve AA gun mounts. These are four different designs: eight twin 20mm Flak 38 with four each of two different mount designs (A1 or A2); four single 20mm/65 (A4); and four twin 13.2mm (A3). The resin parts have some flash to be cleaned but you can be sure that you'll receive the usual high quality parts produced by Regia Marina

Resin Parts & Instructions
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The stainless steel photo-etch contains the barrels for the resin AA mounts. Additionally, there are other single AA guns provided solely in photo-etch. These include: two Vickers 40mm/39 with separate base plate; twelve 20mm/70; and four 20mm/65 of a different design than those with a resin mount. However, most of the photo-etch is of generic merchant ship fittings. Included are: sixteen large davits; six small davits; eight curved davits with boat chocks; six cable reels; twenty heavy block and tackle; four double thick open chocks; ten single width open chocks; four platforms with railing; four accommodation ladders with platforms; four large DF loops; twelve small DF loops; two ship's wheels; one run of anchor chain; one run of inclined ladder; three runs of solid short bulkheads; one run of vertical ladder; five runs of two bar rail; and one run of cross-braced platform or bridge supports. 

Photo-Etch Parts
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Whatever your needs, if you have a 1:700 scale merchant ship or auxiliary without photo-etch, the odds are that Regia Marina has provided very useful fittings for your model with their set AF-051. Whether it is for light AA guns or numerous ship fittings, this set provides a wide selection of fittings for almost any merchant model in this scale.

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