One item of equipment found on warships of the 20th Century was the cable or hose reel. Whether fire hose or steel cable, they had to be stored so the cable reel was used. This piece of humble equipment is often overlooked in model kits and yet their presence can make a significant difference in the finished model. Any model will be improved with well done cable reels. Regia Marina has now produced a stainless steel fret devoted to six types of cable or hose reels in 1:700 scale.

Large Reels
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The fret has reels that come in three sizes, large, medium and small. Included are three different designs for large reels. One has solid discs, one has four oval openings and the third has eight circular perforations. There are eight reels of each of the three large designs. For the medium size reels, Regia Marina includes nine reels each of two different designs. One design features four circular openings, while the other has six square openings. There is only one type of small reel but the fret provides 22 of them. In all the fret provides 64 reels, each of which has very nice relief etching. There is no complicated assembly sequence as each reel is one piece in which the sides are bent to a 90 degree angle from the base plate. However, the reel drum for each reel will have to be added from plastic rod cut to the correct length.

Medium & Small Reels
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