Italian warships are very interesting vessels. Their fine lines and their bold camouflage are so appealing. I choose to build a Doria class battleship. The kit I choose is the Caio Duilio in 1:700 scale from Regia Marina. I decided to build her in as she appeared at the beginning of 1943. It is a very fine kit and an excellent photo-etch set is included. The resin parts are very nice but sometimes they need to be improved. The hull is very nice, as my only regret in the casting is the quarterdeck aft. This deck has some problems in the casting. To conceal the problem I used real wood to cover the quarterdeck and also replaced the main gun barrels with brass ones from NNT. I also modified the funnels, using photo-etch rails. The most challenging feature was the camouflage with four different colors. All of the smaller parts are great with a lot of detail. I replaced the kit railings and used the Gold Medal Models ultra fine railings. As usual I weathered the ship with pastels and watercolors. I really recommend the kit, as the ship is very handsome. My thanks to Giampiero Galleoti of Regia Marina for sharing this lovely vessel.

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Miguel Villarreal
Mexico City