One of the latest releases from Regia Marina is this resin and photo-etch set for 1:700 scale models of the two ships of the Conte di Cavour class battleships. Designed to outfit either the Delphis model or the Pit Road version, this set provides a variety of fine detail. Perhaps the primary addition is the inclusion of eight twin 13.2mm machine gun mounts. Each comes with a resin base and stainless steel photo-etch mount. There are three photo-etch parts per mount with a gun platform, which folds four the gun mount/cradle, twin guns and gunner's seat. Almost as impressive are the names of the two ships, Conte di Cavour and Giulio Cesare, which will really pop when added to the hulls. Another addition for the hulls is the fascine, which was the emblem and source name of fascist Italy. Other parts include ship's boat lights, life buoys, and several different patterns of open chocks. 

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