Many think of the Pacific War as the scene of titanic amphibious operations or think of the tremendous effort at the Invasion of Normandy. They are right of course but to a lesser extent axis powers also had amphibious operations with specialized amphibious craft. For the Regia Marina part of this effort was the production of motor barges. The 1st series of Motozatteres as the Italian motor barges were called were craft of craft of 174 tons capable of carrying 65-tons of cargo. Powered by three OM tipo BXD 150hp six-cylinder diesel engines, they were capable of ten or eleven knots. Their range was 800nm at 11 knots or 1450nm at 9 knots. Armament was one 76mm/40 and one or two 20mm guns.

Hull Detail
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Regia Marina now produces a set of resin and photo-etch models of Motozattere 1st Series in 1:700 scale. Two craft are in each box and two trucks and one Italian tank and one assault gun are also included for deck cargo for each barge. Box contents include the two waterline hulls and two resin runners of small parts. The small parts for each barge include the deck cargo, 76mm gun, three ventilators, two gun tubs, ship’s boat, and bow ramp.

Small Resin and Photo-Etch Parts
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As always with Regia Marina, the detail on the resin parts is outstanding with external hull gussets, fully detailed command deck, and well executed smaller parts. Some smaller parts have a slight amount of flash to be removed and of course the casting vents must be snipped of and the connection points with the parts smoothed. Photo-etch is relief-etched from the cargo deck tread way to the deck cover for the cargo bay. There are plenty of AA guns with base plates, davits and cable reels. Instructions are somewhat rudimentary but then it is a very simple kit. 

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Now you too can be a Mr. Moto with the Regia Marina Motozatteres Series 1 in 1:700 scale. One box gives you a feisty fleet of motorized barges to launch an armored assault to freeze the French and blast the British. 

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